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What is TheRouter?

TheRouter is a high-performance networking software designed for telecom companies.

The software is primarily designed to solve problems facing broadband Internet access providers and digital services operators who work directly with tens to hundreds of thousands of subscribers and process large volumes of traffic at speeds from 10 to 80 Gbit per second.

The use of modern approaches and some of the best algorithms allows TheRouter to efficiently solve problems using affordable and widely available x86-based server equipment without facing huge expenses of high-cost solutions.


TheRouter products are designed for the telecom market and offer the following solutions:

TheRouter Border Gateway

This is an NFV product that helps connect an operator network to the Internet using dynamic routing protocols. It supports several million routes, collects statistics, and performs other necessary functions at the edge of the network.

TheRouter BRAS

The NFV solution for subscriber session termination allows the operator to control network services and resources available to the subscriber. It solves the problem of the limited supply of IPv4 addresses by supporting CG-NAT functions, and it processes the load created by tens of thousands of IPOE or PPPoE subscribers by supporting millions of NAT translations.

TheRouter DPI

The product provides accurate classification and prioritization of traffic both within subscriber lines and uplink channels. It allows to increase the accuracy of QoS algorithms by a more precise recognition of traffic types. TheRouter DPI product is currently under development.

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Currently, TheRouter solutions are being used by several companies around the world in Brazil, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, India, and Turkmenistan.

TheRouter is a modern flexible solution. Our vast experience in software development and IP networks along with cutting-edge methodology and modern technology allows us to create, integrate, and adapt new functionalities for our clients quickly and effectively.

Because our in-house software development process is highly optimized, our prices are much lower than those of the prominent developers.